HYUNDAI CLIMATE CONTROL CO., LTD. Sales & after sales agent in Iran

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Our Products

Air Handling

Air handling unit is a device used to regulate and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system.


Chillers are devices that remove the heat that is gained by a recirculating chilled water system as it cools the building.


Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are heat exchangers that use water and air to transfer heat from air-conditioning systems to the outdoor environment.

Fan Coil


The basic components that make up a fan coil unit are a finned-tube heat exchanger, fan section and filter.

Packaged Unit

Packaged unit is equipment which is made up of combining an air handling unit and a compression chiller with a direct expansion (DX) evaporator.

Unit Heater

Unit heaters are generally used to heat industrial environments.




- Damavand air conditioning company design and implements air conditioning systems by its well trained and certified engineers with more than 30 years of experience.

- Non-Crystallization Hot Water Absorption Chiller, Steam driven absorption chiller (Single effect)

-Vapor-compression chiller: either air cooled or water cooled type with best manufactured compressors such as Bitzer, Dafoss and Copeland.

- Cooling towers: fiberglass type and cooling towers with centrifugal fans.

- Air handling units and air washers in a wide range including different filters and accessories to satisfy and ensure every need such as public area or cleanrooms.

- Fan coils in various models and types such as fan coil with cabinet, exposed units or concealed unit ideal for installation in motels, apartments, and other multi-room buildings.

- Packaged units manufactured with different types of compressor for any applications e.g. public area or hospitals cleanrooms, etc.

- Unit heaters with aluminum coil, high fin tube (steel tube) for steam type with either single phase or 3-phase well manufactured motors.

- Air cooled and water cooled condensers, heat exchangers, industrial coils and finned tube (both high fin and low fin type)

Damavand Air Conditioning Co. officially represents Hyundai Climate Control co., ltd. products in Iran since 2006, aiming to satisfy domestic’s demands of the country. Damavand Air Conditioningis the main importer of High Efficiency Direct Fired Absorption Chiller, Ducted split, and Fan coil made by Hyundai Climate Control to the country to assure every clients need

Damavand Air Conditioning Co Damavand Air Conditioning Co relies upon its teams of expertise dedicated to improve and develop existing products and also its technical knowledge and experiences using advanced machines to manufactures a vast range of products .The company emphasis on its quality control and complies with international standards.