HYUNDAI CLIMATE CONTROL CO., LTD. Sales & after sales agent in Iran

- Non-Crystallization Hot Water Absorption Chiller, Steam driven absorption chiller (Single effect)

-Vapor-compression chiller: either air cooled or water cooled type with best manufactured compressors such as Bitzer, Dafoss and Copeland.

- Cooling towers: fiberglass type and cooling towers with centrifugal fans.

- Air handling units and air washers in a wide range including different filters and accessories to satisfy and ensure every need such as public area or cleanrooms.

- Fan coils in various models and types such as fan coil with cabinet, exposed units or concealed unit ideal for installation in motels, apartments, and other multi-room buildings.

- Packaged units manufactured with different types of compressor for any applications e.g. public area or hospitals cleanrooms, etc.

- Unit heaters with aluminum coil, high fin tube (steel tube) for steam type with either single phase or 3-phase well manufactured motors.

- Air cooled and water cooled condensers, heat exchangers, industrial coils and finned tube (both high fin and low fin type)