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Chillers are devices that remove the heat that is gained by a recirculating chilled water system as it cools the building. Two types of refrigeration can be used by chiller: either the compression cycle or the absorption cycle.

The term “chiller” is used in connection with a complete chiller package, which includes the followings:

  •  compressor
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Throttle valve
  • internal piping
  • Controls

“Chiller” is also used when all these components are used with cooling tower.

   Damavand Air Cond. Co. compression chillers are either air cooled or water cooled condenser type.

   Damavand Air Cond. Co. produces low temperature hot water and single effect steam driven absorption chiller and also represents Hyundai Climate Control Co. for presenting double effect steam driven and direct fired absorption chillers.